Product description

Video Streaming

Simplify video applications

Video Cloud SaaS Service

Interactive Live Streaming Solutions

For enterprises

All industries can use video conference to transform and upgrade their businesses

Online teaching

- Solve the social problem due to the uneven distribution of education resources

- Watch the teaching videos anytime and anywhere, without time and space constraints

Finance and economics

- Investor training, market interpretation, and product introduction

- Agent training

Educational training of corporates
- It can save the corporates’ costs of training, venue and travel expenses

- For large-scale enterprises, groups, and cross-region

- Product video marketing can increase the conversion rate

- Help to better understand the products and obtain more product information

- Video the purchase orders and sharing of post-purchase experience, to enhance the word-of-mouth marketing


- Breakthrough the time and space boundary to quickly create channels for teaching and health learning

- Live streaming for surgery and on-demand teaching

- Remote medical consultation to solve the social problem due to the uneven distribution of medical resources

Interactive live streaming

With the worldwide dedicated network cable coverage, CC Video streaming creates an interactive live streaming product based on the WebRTC protocol, with ultra-low latency and multi audio and video channels, to help corporate customers easily respond to the live streaming demands for various interactive scenarios.

Typical interface and layout

You can choose interactive mode as well as features and scenes

Multi-people connection

- Raise your hand to connect or connect freely

- Your choice of audio or video connection

Switch of screens

- Switch classroom screens in real time

- You can freely switch teachers’ teaching and Q&A discussion scenes

Class notes whiteboard

- Support various formats such as Ppt, Word and PDF

- Offer the feature of whiteboard pan

Desktop sharing

- Provide the sharing feature of desktop and windows to fulfill various teaching needs

Cloud storage

- 100M free data storage, which is convenient for teachers to manage the class notes and share with students

Roll call and interaction

- Teachers can manage students' online messages and situations in real time

Lecturing by a mobile phone

- The mobile phone also supports interactive features such as document teaching, multi-people connection, and screen switching to fulfill the demands of mobile phone teaching

Chat and interaction

- Support text, image, emoticons

- Support the million level development

Replay of recorded video 

- Supports video recording from both client and server side. The recording will be automatically converted to on-demand video, so that the on-demand video can be flexibly used

Create the ultimate experience of interactive video