Product description

FPTis one of the large data centers in Vietnam , which is located in Ho Chi Minh City, with more than 1000 of cabinets

Server room level : T3Power system : N+1 / 2N UPS,backup generator with 2N design

Air conditioning system : Temperature is 22 +/- 2 degree Celsiusand humidity is 50% +/- 10%

Fire-fighting system : FM-200Gas / Novec 1230 Gas fire extinguishing system /Fireproof automatic water sprinkler system

Security system : 24 hours CCTV monitoring and digital video recording, with access control by securities

Package server price

$ 699 USD/月

Flagship server

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Technical support

Traffic cleaning

Technical support

DDoS resistance

High performance direct connection

Connect to the CN2 routing and connect to China with high speed