Please register a member account before placing an order.
Log in to the account, after verifying the specifications and operating system of the server you intend to purchase, add it to your shopping cart, you can buy products from different countries at once!
After checking the quantity of products and using the coupon code, go to the checkout area and fill out the receipt /invoice information. For companies and shops, please fill in the header and unified business number, then your order is completed. 

Yes. You can submit your specified requirements and we will install it for you for free. We provide dozens of images such as  Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, and Windows 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 etc. in Chinese/English version. 

Yes. Please contact us for the cost of additional  IP. 

Yes. We provide the intranet setup service without any service charge. You are welcome to contact our online customer service.

Server rental is a special product, you will obtain the highest management authorization and you have to independently maintain the system/all encountered issues on the website. We only provide free basic technical services, including system reinstallation, restarting the machine, reinstallation of the basic environment, and remote troubleshooting, etc. Please contact us for any other value-added technical support services.

Please conduct the following 2 procedures 
1. Please check with the card issuing bank to verify whether there is a duplicate billing.
2. Confirm that there is a duplicate billing. Please email or call Leyun customer service, and our customer service will assist you to conduct the refund process.