Product description


Secure, fast and convenient global SD-WAN

Simple WAN Management Services for Global Enterprises

  • Optimization of cloud connection - Acceleration for applications in office and public cloud
  • High availability - The built-in redundancy guarantees 99.99% uptime
  • Enterprise-level security - The private global backbone + encrypted IPSec tunnel
  • Cost-effective - While guaranteeing service quality, the bandwidth cost is based on your business needs


Four factors that drive enterprises for the deployment of SD-WAN

Bandwidth optimization


Consistent application and security

Integration with the existing WAN

Enhance automation and self-configuration

Other factors for SD-WAN deployment include faster deployment, efficient operations, and lower IT complexity.

The core components of SD-WAN include: WAN optimization, application and network security, application routing based on strategies, integrated routing, and application of visualization.

Top SD-WAN use cases include: the ability to simplify the capability of WAN structure; use of multiple WAN providers; use of bandwidth for uninstallation of non-core business applications.

SDN network Global resource coverage

Global private network  Minutes to deploy  Flexibility and scalability  Multi-cloud connection

Ultra-low latency

Data is transmitted through dedicated cables to achieve low latency and no packet loss

Hybrid interconnection

Achieve the dedicated connection between the data center and public cloud

Flexibility and scalability

Scale up or down based on needs (1 Mbps -10 Gbps)