Product description

Google Cloud Platform

Expand your business scale by using Google’s secure data storage, powerful computing capability, and integrated data analysis products.

GCP advantages

Changbin server room

A Google data center is located in the Changhua Coastal (Changbin) Industrial Park, Taiwan which provides fast connection for Taiwan and avoids submarine cable’s network delay and interruption. The domestic connection is the fastest and thus GCP is the best for the businesses in Taiwan.

Fast internet connection and low latency

Google continues to set up its own fiber optic submarine cables around the world and provide fast transnational network connection.

Charge by seconds; up to 30% discount a month

Google charges by seconds; you only have to pay for the actual computing time.The discount rate will increase when the amount of usage increases. If the instance continues to operate for a month, there will be a discount up to 30%. The discount for service renewal will be automatically applied to the charge of service plan in each region, and thus you do not have to activate the renewal discount yourself.

Speed upgrade

The startup of technology infrastructure only takes a few seconds instead of several minutes; the speed is upgraded, including the implementation of instance network, client SSD and the total storage space, and the QPS of the universal load balancer is expanded to one million.

Trust and security

With Google’s unique safe products and features, you will be able to help your organization to be in compliance with policies and protect important assets. You can take control of the management and share your data.

Intelligent feature

Google optimizes the system by utilizing machine learning, to provide customers with the best fundamental infrastructure.

Google Cloud locations

GCP currently has 61 availability zones in 20 geographic locations (one of which is in Changbin, Taiwan). It has more than 100 service bases and owns fiber optic cable up to hundreds of thousands of miles. In the future, nine more availability zones will be created, including in Seoul, Jakarta and Salt Lake City.



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network marginal areas

Provide services in more than


countries and areas


Coming soon! The service of Google Cloud will expand to the following areas: Zurich (Switzerland), Osaka (Japan) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

We can assist you to safeguard your data

Google Cloud Platform has passed several information safety, privacy, and security tests, and it complies with strict privacy rights and regulatory standards. We have won the trust from many third-party audit institutions.

A set of products that can be combined for data processing

Google Cloud can offer you the following ...

Reduce operation and maintenance costs and management

Integrate the real-time data into application architecture

Extensively and easily apply machine learning

Become a practical data-driven company